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Boleskin House

©1990 by Ty Davison

Boleskin HouseSituated among the whispering pines, the Boleskin House looks across an old Scottish cemetery at the dark wind-blown waters of the Loch Ness. It was here that Aleister Crowley, the founder of the Church of Satan in England, is rumored to have performed human sacrifices, and even when I trespassed the grounds in 1990 the aura was evil.

The potential of meeting Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, whose long-time interest in the occult led him to buy the Boleskin House, was the big motivation for my visit. I was ordered off the property by a surly Scotsman, and so spent most of an afternoon peering at the Loch Ness and wandering the cemetery while pondering—and I kid you not—why so many gravestones had the name "Davison" on them.

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