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Site may be hosted on any server
Although offers a variety of web server hosting options at excellent prices, you are always free to have your site hosted with whatever company you select. Many web design companies will force you to use their servers—whether you want to or not.

No extra charge for cutting-edge technologies
Some companies charge higher prices for the use of cutting edge technologies like Flash, Quicktime, Java, JavaScript, Adobe PDF, and so on. We charge one hourly rate regardless of the technology employed.

We work for you—not your competition accepts only one client per industry in a given geographic region. Some web design companies happily work for several competing clients without regard to the potential conflict of interest.

High quality with intense focus
Because we’re a smaller web design firm, we don’t have to scramble to meet the needs of dozens of different clients. Our goal is not volume of business but excellence in business. This means we’re intensely focused on your company and your success.

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