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Serious business people are now convinced of the need for an Internet presence for their company. If you're not using email, advertising your products or services through a web site, and making your marketing materials available to potential clients through the Internet, nowadays your business is at a serious competitive disadvantage.

Because if you're not doing these things, your competition is.

That said, one problem is that while we might all agree on this business need, far too often companies will spend incredible amounts of money on Internet activities and have very little to show for their dollars at the end of the day. Most companies spend far too much money on Internet- or web-related activities without a corresponding return on their investment.

There are design companies who are happy to build you a fantastic web site for tens of thousands of dollars (or more) whether that fits into your marketing plan or not. Frankly, that's not us. Our goal is to help you achieve an affordable Internet presence that makes sense given your company's goals and budget.

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